Round trips

Experience Mexico in a memorable way - take part in ourt tours!

A round trip to Mexico is the optimal way to get to know the country and the people. In a group, by bus, with a rental car, active with a bike or by foot while going on a trekking tour.

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Group tours in Mexico

Maya Classic

During the 15-day Maya Classic group tour in Mexico you will get to know the most impressive areas from the Mayan period. At the same time you will habe a thorough insight into one of the most important projects of Maya research – the “Triángulo Cultural”. This cultural triangle is the greatest research project of the Maya world. The investigated area extends to 1200 square kilometers.

Mystic Mexico

This 15- day group tour lets you discover the mystic places of Mexico. You are able to explore the country’s lively capital Mexico City, typical colonial cities and large Mayan centers. Afterwards you can enjoy a few days on the beach of the paradisiacal Caribbean of Mexico: the Riviera Maya.

Discover Yucatán

During this 12 -day discovery tour you are able to discover the highlights of the Yucatán Peninsula! You will visit typical colonial towns and large Maya centers with us. You will also have the chance to relax for a few days on the beach of Mexico’s paradisiacal Caribbean: the Riviera Maya.

Yucatán Total

The 9-day Mexico Yucatán Total adventoure tour gives you an opportunity to combine culture, nature, history, the sun and a relaxing day on the beach. Our diverse activities will turn your trip into a truly unique experience: You will discover the Yucatán archeology – the most impressive region in South America, including the sites Chichén Itzá, Uxmal and Cobá. During this trip you will also visit old colonial towns with their historical buildings of the early colonial period.

Maya Weekend

During this 3-day cultural trip you will have the opportunity to experience direct interaction with Mayan families. You will visit different Mayan communities, see many cultural treasures and discover some of the most beautiful lagoons in Mexico. You’ll get to know one of the oldest cultures and civilizations of the world – dive into the world of the Maya.

Active tours

Trekking Yucatán

During this 8-day trekking tour one can discover unique nature, fascinating landscapes and impressive Maya constructions in Yucatán. Our hiking tour is designed for active vacationers: hiking, two boat rides, cave rappelling, cultural highlights and breathtaking nature will definitely fill your vacation with excitement!

Mexico Cross Over

Discover the Yucatan Peninsula by bike. During this 14-day tour you will get to know the untouched Mexico far away from the flow of tourists. Experience the warm and welcoming hospitality of the Mayas and visit the spectacular Mayan ruins. A wonderful mix between culture and nature is waiting for you!

Mexico en bici

This unforgettable 8-day bicycle tour in Mexico offers you a combination of culture, sports and activities in the beautiful setting of the Riviera Maya. The cultural activities include visits to Mayan museums, colonial villages and local communities. As a result you can have direct contact with Mayan families and can experience firsthand their culture and traditions. Our active bicycle trip is designed for tourists who wish to explore the Yucatán peninsula in a different way. It is characterized by a unique blend of culture, nature and sports every day! Through activities like cycling or swimming in crystal-clear waters you will explore the nature of the Riviera Maya and its pristine nativeness.

Mexico Underwaterworld

While joining this 13-day diving tour, you will have the chance to experience unforgettable moments. During this trip you will enjoy the crystal clear water of the Caribbean and admire the world’s second largest coral reef. By immersing yourself in this environment you can discover many of the over 100 diverse kinds of fish living on the reef as well as corals which are over 500 years old. Visiting the towns of Playa del Carmen and Cozumel is highly recommendable.

Kitesurfing at the Riviera Maya

Kitesurfing is the new trend sport and you will realize once started you cannot stop anymore! Around Tulum in the Riviera Maya you can find perfect conditions for beginners with wide beaches and enough space to practice besides constant winds offering the ideal conditions. Step by step you will be introduced until you can confidently move with the kite on water.

Bus tours

Yucatán Explorer by bus

This 14-day bus tour gives you the opportunity to discover Yucatan’s treasures in comfort. You will travel through the Yucatán Peninsula in air-conditioned, high-quality buses from the bus line ADO. Visit fascinating sites of Mayan culture, including Chichén Itzá and Tulúm, and walk through charming colonial cities such as Valladolid and Mérida. Experience the beautiful natural environment first-hand and be fascinated by the jungle and the breathtaking white beaches. Explore Yucatan in a different way: by bus!

Rental car tours

Yucatán on Wheels

Start your journey in Mexico by car! During this 13-day rental car tour you can travel in comfort and individually and visit places of interest. You drive from Cancún via Chichén Itzá and Valladolid to Izamal, Mérida, Palenque and Kohunlich. We will provide you with a rented car of your choice and a full car insurance so that you can relax and enjoy your trip!

Yucatán on your own

This 13-day individual tour with a rental car will enable you to visit the most exciting and beautiful places in the peninsula of Yucatán and the jungle of Chiapas: these include Cancún, Tulúm, Chetumal, Palenque, Campeche, Chichén Itzá and many more!

Yucatán Mobile

This 8-day rental car tour lets you experience the Yucatán peninsula first-hand by car! We provide you with a rental car, hotels and maps so that you can start your journey now. You are able to visit places such as Celestún, Chichén Itzá, Cancún, Mérida, Uxmal and Chetumal.