Rental Car

Discover Mexico on your own: With a rental car!

Rent a car in Mexico with or without a chauffeur and go on exploring the country and its wonderful regions on your own. We will gladly help you to create an itinerary and include those places that interest you, including available accommodation if you wish to stay overnight.

If you have any questions or love to make a inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us or our directly our colleagues from Sprachcaffe.

Car Types

There are different car types we can provide you with. We offer cozy small cars as well as comfortable air-conditioned cars. Cars are available in the medium range, or as jeeps and minivans. All car types have a different size and you can book a different comfort. We can assure you the car type, but not the category in advance. If you need more information, please click on car types.


The prices vary from car type to car type and depend on the duration you rent the car. Please click on prices, if you would like to know exact dates, services and prices.

Distances and Stations

As you drive in Mexico, you have to pay different one way-fees, depending on the distance you drive and the vehicle category you have. These distance fees have to be paid on the spot. If you are interested in travelling longer distances, follow here.

Rental Car Tours

We offer you three different rental car tours where you can experience the Yucatán peninsula first-hand by car: Yucatán Mobile, Yucatán on your own and Yucatán on Wheels. These tours will give you a wonderful insight into the Mayan Culture. You will visit beautiful colonial towns and impressive cultural sites. Likewise, you will explore the wonderful nature of the Yucatán peninsula and the beautiful Carribbean Sea. Our team in Mexico will provide you with the hotel vouchers, a rental car and maps – so your journey can begin right away! Besides, all three rental car tours can be booked at any time. If you like to have some detailed information, please follow our rental car tours.