Experience nature in a different way – Explore Mexico’s Underwater world!

In Earth’s master plan, there is a paradise for great diving – Mexico’s Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya is the perfect destination for divers of all experience and training levels, while being easily accessible, extremely affordable and truly beautiful. The Riviera Maya is also the home of the longest Coral Reefs of the Western Hemisphere, and it is known worldwide for its vast underground Grotto and Cave Cystems.

If you like to have more information on Mexico’s underwater world or if you like to make a request please contact us or our colleagues from Sprachcaffe.

Diving courses

Our partner in Mexico is the owner of the only diving center in the area with a 4.5m deep training pool. There you can first concentrate on improving your technical skills, before you can start exploring the fascinating underwater world of the Riviera Maya.

Our colleagues offer training in the following courses in accordance with PADI guidelines:

PADI Open Water Course – Beginners Course

PADI Advanced Open Water Course – Advanced Course

PADI Discover Scuba Diving – Beginners Course

PADI Rescue Diver Course – First Aid and Rescue Diving

For more information click here on diving courses.

Diving Packages

Playa del Carmen is a perfect starting point for diving in the Caribbean Sea. A boat will take us to the colorful reefs, various kinds of fish and the wrecks of old ships. This way you can easily dive twice in the morning and you would still have enough time in the afternoon to relax on the beach or take part in night diving.

The maximum number of participants includes six people. They are accompanied by experienced diving instructors. They all have PADI Dive master and are very knowledgeable in the reefs as well as the local flora and fauna. Underwater photographers find the conditions ideal for any focal distance.

We offer you various diving package tours with accommodation:

PADI Open Water Course

Tortuga package

Palancar Package

Yucatán Package

Likewise, we provide you with diving packages for certified divers, such as Ocean Dive, Cozumel Dive, Cave Dive, Package Tortuga, Package Palancar, Package Yucatán. These diving packages are without accommodation. Are you interested? For more information click diving packages.


We offer snorkeling trips in the crystal clear water, just as you like it.

Take part in our unforgettable snorkeling trip with fruit and drinks on a desert beach. We organize cenote snorkeling trips as well. Do not miss a unique opportunity of snorkeling with whale sharks in the summer months. If you like to inform yourself please click on snorkeling.

Cenote diving

“Cenote” is Spanisch and in English it means “cave” or “underground river”.

Through time, rainwater washed these cavities into chalkstone on its way to the Atlantic Ocean. The original caves grew too heavy, and their ceiling collapsed. As a result, cenotes and sinkholes were created.

In Yucatán you can find these cenotes, and the world’s largest underground system. Cenotes allow access to the fabulous underwater world and make cave diving possible in such an amazing way that one can hardly imagine anything more beautiful. If you like part in our trip, please click cenote diving.

Dive & Travel

We offer you the exclusive 13-day diving tour “Mexico’s Underwaterworld”. Experience unforgettable moments during this trip, enjoy the crystal clear water of the Caribbean and admire the world’s second largest coral reef. Through intensive contact with the nature you will discover many of 100 diverse kinds of fish living on the reef as well as more than 500 years old corals. A visit to the towns Playa del Carmen and Cozumel is strongly advisable. If you like to participate, please click on diving journey.