Dancing and Cooking courses

Dancing and Cooking Courses

Why not combine your holidays with some fun Salsa and cooking lessons in Mexico? Our dancing classes and cooking courses in Playa del Carmen are a great way to meet people and socialize whilst being on your holiday, and also to learn new Latin dance steps and recipes every day. So join our Dancing and/ or Cooking and Cocktail Course in Mexico.

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Dancing courses

One of our exciting activities in Playa del Carmen is a Salsa Course – we present you hot Caribbean rhythms to get you moving and to spice up your holidays! The dancing lessons are held during the week, mostly in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday. You can join the classes at any day. The classes are led by experienced and professional Salsa teachers, who are friendly and willing to create a fun learning experience for students of all dancing levels and give you enough personal attention during your dance class. Depending on your level and experience, you will be able to adjust the number of learning hours per day as you wish. Absolute beginners are encouraged to join our Salsa classes as well, as the dance program will be adjusted to their learning pace and ability. However, if you are a dance expert, you will be given a higher level class, where you can learn new moves and steps and where the class will be more challenging. In order to practice your new dance moves outside the school, you will visit the “Bodeguita del Medio” dance house, where you can join the locals and show off what you know!

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Cooking and Cocktail courses

The Mexican cuisine is one of most imaginative and unusual of Latin America and is considered world-wide as the joy for palate. Likewise, it is especially known for its highly exotic dishes and spicy meals. Indian food recipes have through time mixed and evolved together with Spanish delicacies, and thus you can find excellent local restaurants in Oaxaca, Yucatán, Puebla and Vera Cruz. The north of Mexico tends to cater to the influences of the Spanish, while in the south the Indian kitchen kept its popularity. The cultural fusions in Mexico led also to a culinary connection resulting in great meals of special tastes. Our school in the heart of Playa del Carmen will offer you cooking lessons with experienced local chefs where you will have the opportunity to learn about the broadly diverse and magical Mexican cuisine and how to prepare some of these local delicacies. Together with our cooking chefs you will practice creating many tasty local dishes. The courses are held from Monday to Friday, a new course starts every Monday. The lessons mostly take place in the afternoon, but the timetable is really flexible. You can book and join the cooking course whenever you like.

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